New Executive Interview Explores the Success of Northwell Health’s Pioneering Internal Staffing Agency and Flexible Workforce Platform


Webinar offers valuable lessons for healthcare organizations seeking flexible inhouse workforce strategies. 

DALLAS — April 10, 2024 


Prolucent ®, a leading provider of enterprise-wide healthcare workforce optimization software and services, and Northwell Health, New York State’s largest health care provider and private employer, have produced a new executive interview, “Behind the Success: Northwell’s Revolutionary Internal Agency, FlexStaff.” The executive chat features a thought-provoking discussion with industry luminaries Carol Bradley and Carolyn Doyle discussing the development of Northwell Health’s Flexstaff program, a highly successful internal staffing agency launched in 2014 to manage flexible labor resources and reduce labor expenses.

The executive chat will explore how internal staffing programs and flexible workforce platform technology can help adapt the workforce on demand to cost-effectively streamline the allocation of temporary staffing resources, resulting in lower staffing expenses and improved staff retention. Listeners can learn:


  • Why it is important to adopt modern strategies to stay competitive in healthcare talent acquisition and retention
  • Tips for building an internal staffing strategy with an eye toward providing the flexibility that current generations seek
  • Needed technologies to modernize and integrate staffing resources



Use of internal staffing agencies offer numerous advantages, including the ability to utilize internal resources to fill staffing gaps, minimize reliance on external agency staff, reduce labor costs, and improve continuity of care. These flexible staffing initiatives are gaining nationwide adoption in order to provide workers with a variety of scheduling options and a gig-like work environment, helping to reduce the risk of staff burnout while attracting and retaining talent seeking a better work-life balance. Internal float pools also play a vital role in enhancing patient outcomes by maintaining consistent staffing levels using employees who are familiar with existing hospital procedures and workflows. This continuity of care facilitates a smooth transition between various nursing units, leading to increased patient safety and higher levels of patient satisfaction.



Carolyn Doyle, CSP, VP at Northwell Health and CEO of Flexstaff

Carol Bradley, MSN, RN, FAONL Chief Nursing Executive at Prolucent



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