Your Workforce is our Mission

Mission Based:

Prolucent partners with companies, nonprofits, associations, and other industry organizations who share our passion and commitment to nursing excellence.


The DAISY Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes by members of his family. The Foundation expresses gratitude to the nursing profession internationally in over 5,200 healthcare facilities and schools of nursing and funds nursing research and evidence-based practice studies.

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The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is the national voice for academic nursing. AACN works to establish quality standards for nursing education; assists schools in implementing those standards; influences the nursing profession to improve health care; and promotes public support for professional nursing education, research, and practice.

The Lighthouse Awards

We launched the first of these Awards with a focus on Registered Nurses and Nursing Students in 2022. Through some of the most difficult times in recent history, we worked closely with Nurses and Hospitals to connect Nurses with the places their skills were needed most. As a result, we have seen the toll that the last few years has taken on healthcare workers. We chose RNs and RN students as the first group in recognition of everything they have gone through and all they do in caring for others, and to support the next generation of Nurses whose skills are so desperately needed.

By offering RNs a $3,000 Lighthouse Award, it is our intention to bring some much-deserved joy while providing resources to:

  • Invest in self-care
  • Make a dent in student loans
  • Help the advancement of a Nurse‚Äôs career

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Data Partnerships:


The American Hospital Association (AHA) is the national organization that represents and serves all types of hospitals, healthcare networks, and their patients and communities. Nearly 5,000 hospitals, health care systems, networks, other providers of care, and 43,000 individual members come together to form the AHA.

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American Organization for Nursing Leadership

Virginia Hospital Association

The Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association has 26 member health systems, representing 111 community, psychiatric, rehabilitation, and specialty hospitals throughout Virginia.

Technology Partners:


UKG, is a leading global provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people.

Partnership will provide UKG Dimension customers with flexible staffing solutions to meet the needs of a changing labor market, reduce costs, and increase employee satisfaction.

UKG and Prolucent share the vision for an AI-driven, centralized people-focused platform to advance the workforce management capabilities of our clients.