Next Generation VMS+

We streamline the management of ALL flexible labor

Manage All Flexible Labor
In One Place

The VMS+ Difference

Manage your workforce holistically with internal and external flexible labor in one place.

Go beyond your traditional Vendor Management System (VMS) technology to take control and effectively manage your entire flex workforce across the enterprise. We like to call it a Flexible Workforce Platform (FWP).

Optimize & Build Staffing

Like most VMS platforms, LiquidCompass® VMS+ includes end-to-end order and staff pool management, fulfillment, compliance, time and invoicing, and reporting for traditional contract and per diem agency needs.
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The “+” in VMS+

Manage your entire flexible workforce with a dramatically improved user experience built for efficiency and performance. We’ve applied decades of experience to improve necessary vendor management configurations, features, and workflows.
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One Unified Platform

The LiquidCompass® VMS+ is a component of our unified workforce platform. Use VMS+ to attract and build your own internal flex and agency pool in concert with LiquidCompass® Talent Marketplace and Market Console to reduce outside agency costs.
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Drive Down the
Cost of Labor

With clear and comprehensive management of your flexible workforce, you can improve the use of your own internal talent and drive strategic, cost-effective utilization of external contingent labor with VMS+.
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  • Reduce Administrative Workloads with highly-configurable workflows that streamline order approval, order distribution, compliance and staff onboarding
  • Spend Less Time Managing Contingent with easy-to-use, consolidated dashboards and effective, simplified task handling
  • Prioritize order distribution by leveraging robust, tiered staffing models to distribute orders to internal flexible pools first, before using external resources
  • Simplify Compliance by reducing time on initial onboarding, compliance enforcement, management and reporting complete with full audit trail and modern worker profiles
  • Access Real-Time Data and advanced analytics on utilization, recruitment, and contingent labor costs to make better and more confident staffing decisions for your entire workforce
  • Manage Rates and Estimate Costs with built-in cost management functions and real-time cost estimates, accruals, and invoices
  • Track Key Measures including utilization, pay rates, time to fill, etc., using dashboards with real-time status on all candidates and hired contingent staff
  • Seamless Integration with Time and Attendance and other HRIS systems
  • Adjust to Growth and Trends with easy scalability and adaptability to meet the demands of a changing labor market

VMS+ and our Unique MSP services work in concert to drive down agency costs.

Pioneers in Vendor Management Technology

Our team is made up of healthcare technology experts who pioneered and developed two of the industry’s first VMS and vendor-neutral MSP offerings. Prolucent continues to modernize and further innovate with our VMS+ technology responding to today’s evolving workforce management needs.