Market Console & Advanced Analytics

One-of-a-Kind Recruitment Market Intelligence Designed for Healthcare

The Competitive Advantage In Your Recruitment Efforts

The data to plan for today and the future

The most up-to-date local, regional, and national healthcare recruitment market intelligence and real-time employment data in the industry.

  • Strengthen your talent acquisition and retention strategies with real-time market data
  • Assess market positioning to better understand competition and maintain a competitive edge
  • Determine effective spend tactics to maximize marketing spend for the greatest ROI
  • Compare recruitment efforts against real-time contingent labor utilization to prioritize focus and reduce costs

Competitive Market Intelligence

  • See a complete, real-time picture of your competition's recruitment activity
  • Research key attributes of competitive postings to set strategy
  • Access real-time local and national pay rates and signing bonuses
  • Actively track new postings and closed positions within your market

Market Metrics

  • Determine average time-to-close postings for each title in a market
  • Compare qualifications requirements to other market postings
  • Analyze supply and demand by title and market
  • Analyze and track incentive-based compensation
  • Assess other key attributes of active postings versus the market

Market Hiring

  • Access hiring reports for each title or employer in a market
  • Distribute market hiring reports to key stakeholders in the organization
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Out of Market Recruitment Tools

  • Determine markets with a likely surplus of candidates by title
  • Target markets where recruitment is most likely to succeed
  • Analyze out-of-market employer peer groups relevant to the organization
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Enable strategic and competitive workforce strategies

These strategies drive down labor costs using powerful and deeply insightful market hiring data, benchmarks, and trends.

Workforce Insights Powered by LiquidCompass

In partnership with the American Hospital Association, Prolucent Health publishes a report reflecting regional market trends.