Our Story

Your Workforce is our Mission

How it all Started

As investment dollars poured into healthcare marketplaces and technology-enabled staffing companies, Bruce Springer asked a few questions:

“How is this good for health systems and those that provide care to our families and friends?”

“How will health systems compete for needed labor in this hyper competitive new world?”

Taking a close look at the innovations being brought to market revealed a disconnect between what was being offered and what the health systems really want and need to achieve, which is a talented and affordable workforce. Driven by a constant flow of ideas on how to better approach these needs, Prolucent was born.

In order to tackle this complex issue…

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it required a team of thought leaders, innovators and thoughtful disruptors with deep experience in the space. They asked big questions: What was needed to meet workforce requirements, stabilize workforce relationships, and reduce costs? Solutions and ideas flourished from there. Complex yes. Impossible, we don’t think so.

Some foundational pieces became clear. The technology and tools used to support these goals needed to evolve and modernize. Common business models needed to be restructured to eliminate costly “quick fixes” and to find a more equitable approach for suppliers and the organizations they serve. And finally, solutions needed to consider all stakeholders, including the needs and desires of the workforce. With all this in mind, we set out to make it happen.

Now 3 years later, we have designed and developed a single platform to modernize the management of all labor. We have created and implemented a win-win approach to business models that drive positive results for all. Our mission is to be a true partner to the health system with aligned goals, shared risk and shared reward. We are constantly learning and finding new ways forward. We’re changing the game, and we invite you to join us.

For the team at Prolucent, this isn’t just a job, it is a driving force in knowing we can align to make it better for all… It is investing to assure that we have care when we need it for our families, loved ones, communities, now and in the future.

Our Approach

Long View Innovation

While we offer immediate impact on things like sourcing and cost of labor we are committed to a long view, supporting sustainable and affordable results. This requires a willingness to make big leaps, engage in thoughtful disruption, and embrace continual learning.

A Dream Team

The team that has gathered around our mission speaks to the importance of our work. Passion for making things better in healthcare is the common denominator. Among us you’ll find deep experience, hard won wisdom and outside the box thinkers who continually learn while driving innovation and results.

We Reject Win-lose

One of the advantages of having a team steeped in experience, is we know that to achieve sustainable results you must understand root cause and you must uncover a win for all involved. We honor and consider the needs of the workforce as much as the needs of the organizations that employ them is designing solutions and in our progressive business model.

Our Team

The meaningful impact we are having is a testament to the power of experienced and mission driven talent united by a shared passion for creating positive change. It is because of our team’s unwavering commitment coupled with a diverse range of skills, knowledge and expertise that we stand as trailblazers at the forefront of transformative initiatives shaping a brighter future for healthcare.

Our founders are true pioneers in this industry, with 200+ years of combined experience spearheading transformative change.

A few highlights on our much talked about Leadership Team, Advisors and Board

  • Past CHRO of several of the nation’s top healthcare organizations
  • Past System CNO multiple large healthcare systems
  • President American Nurses Association, American Nurse Credentialing Center
  • Past CEO American Nurses Association, American Organization of Nurse Leaders
  • Past President Workforce Strategies Press Ganey, VP Nursing Cerner Corporation, CEO Cardon Children’s Medical Center
  • AHA Board of Trustees
  • Multiple successful start-ups including co-founded WebMD, Bidshift/Concerro, LiquidCompass, Workforce Management Broadlane
  • Current or past Board Members of multiple healthcare organizations including , Sharp Healthcare, API, Patient Point, One Health among others

Meet Our Leadership

Bruce Springer

Chairman & CEO

Carol Bradley

MSN, RN, FAONL - Chief Nursing Executive

Joe Cabral

Chief Growth Officer

Kathy Douglas

RN, MPH-HA - Head of Clinical Strategy

Chris Moseley

SVP, Operations & Client Success

Rodney Shifflette

SVP, Products & Client Solutions

Joe Cole

SVP, Technology

Patrick Gundersen

Chief Revenue Officer

Ken Coons

Vice President Services

Clinical Advisors

Jennifer Mensik


Roy Simpson


Marla Weston


Daniel Hudson


Directors & Investors

Rhonda Anderson

RN, DNSc(h), FAAN, LFACHE, FACHT -Board of Directors

Grant Blevins

Health Velocity Capital

Austin Walters

Spring Tide Ventures

Saurabh Bhansali

Health Velocity Capital

Matthew Warrens

UnityPoint Health Ventures

Brad Otto

SpringTide Ventures

Joe Greskoviak

A1 Health Ventures

Our Partners