Behind the Success: Northwell’s Transformational Internal Agency, FlexStaff


Gain inspiration for your organization’s flexible labor needs and cost control strategies from Northwell Health’s FlexStaff program.


As organizations prioritize developing their internal flexible workforce, they can look to Northwell Health’s FlexStaff program for guidance. Launched in 2014, FlexStaff has led the way in managing flexible labor effectively while managing costs. Known as an “Internal Agency,” its success provides valuable insights and inspiration for other health systems seeking their own flexible workforce solutions.

Carolyn Doyle

Chief Executive Officer at FlexStaff & Vice President at Northwell Health

Carolyn, a staffing industry veteran, spearheaded the establishment of FlexStaff at Northwell Health in 2014, building it into a dynamic and innovative organization with thousands of employees. With a background in senior leadership roles at regional, national, and international staffing firms, she brings a wealth of experience.

Carolyn holds a BS in Business from Cedar Crest College. Beyond work, she relishes family time, gardening, and crafting.

Carol Bradley MSN, RN, FAONL

Chief Nursing Executive

Nationally recognized nurse leader whose passion for data informed workforce strategies has driven success in key leadership roles within leading healthcare systems. Past President of the American Organization of Nurse Leaders and recipient of the DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award. Carol’s broad experience includes System CNO at Legacy Health and Regional CNO at Tenet Healthcare. She served as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems and, Board President for the Commission on Graduate Foreign Nursing Schools.

Carol is currently the Chief Nurse Executive at Prolucent and sharing her experience through publishing and speaking.


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