Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Your Strategic Partner in Managing Flexible Labor

The Team & Technology to Achieve Your Workforce Goals

Prolucent is your trustworthy Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner.

We deliver a unique, best-in-class MSP approach in alignment with your clinical workforce goals.

Our comprehensive, vendor-neutral MSP services, coupled with our proprietary technology, creates a more efficient buying process for contract labor. Fill jobs faster, reduce administrative burden, and most importantly, reduce the utilization and costs of contract labor.


Build the optimal MSP program to address your needs. Customized to your business goals and aligned with your interests.


Staffing decisions are based on program objectives and enterprise goals, not on profit margins. We partner with you to reduce contract labor.


Leveraging Market Console data, we negotiate and maintain optimal rates, ensuring access to high-quality staff without paying any more than necessary. Rates are evaluated and adjusted on an ongoing basis to guarantee you get the staff you need without paying more than needed.

We Do the
Heavy Lifting

A dedicated team of workforce experts handles the day-to-day management including order entry, candidate screening, interviewing services, compliance and onboarding support, billing dispute resolution and more, freeing up your staff to focus on delivery of care.

Get the labor you need without overpaying for it.

We Are Not an Agency

Workforce decisions are aligned with system goals in reducing contingent labor utilization and optimizing rates. Decisions are always based on our client’s needs and satisfaction, not on maximizing spend.

The Labor Market is Fluid

We keep our finger on the pulse of the market. Continual monitoring of national pay rates supports informed adjustments based on sound data and advanced analytics – not perceptions.

The most impactful MSP strategy is highly-integrated with core recruitment efforts.