A Unique and Proactive Approach
to Workforce Challenges

We are redefining the economics of workforce management.

Prolucent unifies the management of all labor types to optimize effectiveness and reduce costs.

Solutions and strategies to mitigate today’s labor challenges must address the totality of your workforce: core staff, flexible, and external contingent.

The Prolucent Approach

Unite Talent Acquisition, Staff Utilization, & Labor Management

Imagine having the power of a comprehensive and integrated workforce management platform, with real-time data to strategically manage the entirety of your workforce.

With LiquidCompass®, Prolucent’s comprehensive workforce platform, you can.

Talent Engagement Marketplace

Put quality candidates on the right path and amplify your hiring efforts by transforming your branded career site and current Application Tracking System into a high-performing recruitment and talent engagement platform.

The Talent Engagement Marketplace uses our proprietary AI jobs engine, LiquidCompass®, to drive success in your recruitment and retention efforts.

Visit LiquidCompass.com to see it in action.

  • Modernize & simplify the candidate job search experience
  • Boost candidate engagement & effective re-engagement
  • Enhance your current Applicant Tracking System with bi-directional integration for actionable insights for every position you recruit
  • Access robust data and reporting to strategically target marketing spend

Market Console Data & Advanced Analytics

Running on the same LiquidCompass® platform, Market Console gives you access to real-time market intelligence and employment data. Make data-informed decisions and use market intelligence to support a competitive advantage in your recruitment and retention efforts.

  • Inform workforce strategies based on local, regional, & national market data
  • Track and compare key national benchmarks
  • Access market positioning data
  • Robust reporting with actionable insights

Even the American Hospital Association (AHA) uses our data.


Go beyond your traditional VMS in one unified platform. Take control and effectively manage all flexible labor, both internal staffing pools and external contingent, across the enterprise.

  • Highly configurable workflows, adaptable to your processes
  • Easy-to-use consolidated dashboards with real-time data and reporting
  • Scalable compliance management with full audit trail
  • Optimized for quick performance and ease of use
  • Cost-management capabilities including real-time utilization of contingent labor
  • Customizable order distribution and tiered staffing prioritization
  • Integration with time and attendance systems to facilitate reverse invoicing

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

We put your best interests first.

Fill critical needs faster, reduce administrative burden, and most importantly, reduce the utilization and costs of contract labor.

Working with Prolucent, you get proven industry and workforce expertise along with cutting-edge technology to help you optimize the effective management of your flexible workforce.

  • Vendor neutrality reduces costs and increases your ability to build an MSP program aligned with your system goals
  • Continually monitor rates and drive maximum savings through easily accessed data
  • Leverage a dedicated and highly experienced services team to do the heavy lifting.
  • Services include interviewing, order management, compliance,  credentialing, billing, and more

Industry Expertise

As an organization of seasoned healthcare executives, from health systems of all sizes, we understand the current market landscape and have a track record of success in workforce strategies.

  • Develop and enhance recruitment and retention strategies
  • Design innovative flexible workforce management structures and staffing models, fully aligned with your business goals
  • Custom cost-reduction solutions to drive strategic utilization of contingent labor
  • Expert consulting and creative strategies to support the evolution of your workforce

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