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We are leading the change needed to meet workforce demands in healthcare through innovation and thoughtful transformation. 


Flex Pools


Prolucent creates a unified Approach to meet your workforce demands.

Attract, convert and retain talent through AI-powered technology & custom strategies informed by data analytics to change the paradigm and drive down overall costs.

Permanent Staff

Fill more permanent Positions Faster

Prolucent provides the technology and services to fill more vacancies, with a focus on lowering overall workforce costs. 

Our proven platform also provides competitive market intelligence to inform better hiring decisions.

Flex Pools

Create or Expand your Flex Pools

Prolucent works with you to expand and modernize your flex pools to better meet your workforce needs.

Grow your existing pools or create new pools to better manage flex needs and reduce reliance on 3rd party labor.

travel nurse in airport

Contingent and Travel Staff

3rd Party Labor Use
on your terms

Optimize the use of contingent labor by creating solutions to meet your flexible workforce needs… on your terms. Leverage our 3rd generation VMS platform to simplify & modernize your management of contingent labor.

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