Unlocking Opportunities: The Vital Role of a Talent Digital Front Door in Healthcare


In recent years, health systems began offering patients a convenient way to access their healthcare services online, commonly referred to as the “digital front door”. This engagement strategy was developed to meet the demands and expectations of consumers in how they want to interact with businesses, including their healthcare providers. An effective digital front door strategy provides engaging and “frictionless” digital interaction at every touchpoint of a patient’s journey, making it easier for them to get the information they need. It has revolutionized how patients access and communicate their healthcare needs and has now become a key competitive advantage in attracting and retaining patients. While hospitals recognize the digital front door has become an essential component in delivering an exceptional patient experience, few have invested in the same transformation for job seekers and the candidate experience.

What Today’s Candidates Expect

As discussed in our previous blog, a great candidate experience is a powerful component in attracting and converting top talent. Nevertheless, the candidate experience has not evolved at the same pace as the consumer side. To remain competitive, health systems must revamp their recruitment strategies to align with the expectations of today’s healthcare workers while creating meaningful connections during the hiring process. Bringing a digital front door strategy to your career site is a perfect first step.

Frustration Can Lead to Abandonment

Your career site is typically the first point of contact for potential candidates as they search for the perfect job opportunity. As such, it should be an extension of your brand and culture – it’s your opportunity to shine. Many ATS-provided career sites, however, fall short. Customizing the candidate experience on these sites can be difficult, if not impossible. Job search functionality can be clunky and frustrating. Some ATS-provided sites simply list a “warehouse of jobs” to sort through. Worse yet, many lack the ability to filter job listings based on the specific skills, licenses, and other attributes a job seeker is looking for – which is crucial in finding the right clinical role. An outdated, difficult-to-manage career site could be causing frustration and driving away top talent. 

Transformation Can Be Simple

Overcoming the inherent barriers of an ATS to enhance your career site is easier than you may think. Prolucent’s Talent Digital Front Door transforms your existing career site, giving you the flexibility to deliver the candidate experience you want and the one today’s job seekers expect. Impress job seekers with an array of custom search filters specifically for clinical and other healthcare roles that make it easy for them to find the right opportunities. Rather than wading and clicking through a long list, they can effortlessly discover the roles that best align with their skills and interests. Just like the impact on the patient experience, an engaging and frictionless job search creates a competitive advantage in attracting, engaging, and converting talent.

Modernizing Existing Tech

This is not another point solution. The Talent Digital Front Door thoughtfully integrates with your existing ATS (or multiple ATS systems) to bring a consistent and curated candidate experience across all enterprise career sites. No reason to replace existing technology. Prolucent is purposefully designed to empower the tools you already use to maximize your investment and build on your success. 

Ready to start building your Digital Front Door Strategy?

The competition for healthcare talent is fiercer than ever but standing out from the rest has never been easier. Bring a digital front door strategy to your career site and start building a candidate-centered approach to recruitment today. Let’s discuss how we can help!

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