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Embracing Flexibility in Workforce Management


Workforce optimization is a passion for all of us at Prolucent.

Our team is keenly focused on helping health systems identify opportunities to address the financial pressures of today’s workforce challenges. Creating cost-reduction strategies that don’t sacrifice long-term hiring and retention efforts requires a delicate balance/approach. With our decades of healthcare leadership and technology experience, this is what Prolucent does best.

At the 13th Annual Becker’s Meeting in Chicago next month, our executive team will host a private Executive Roundtable for select hospital leaders to share insights and discuss best practices around building successful workforce strategies. Titled “Flexibility is the New Currency: Redefining the Economics of Workforce Management”, the focus will be on ways health systems can successfully regain control and stabilize labor costs.

We’re excited to share an article written by Prolucent CNO Carol Bradley published by Becker’s Hospital Review in support of the upcoming conference. Similarly titled “Flexibility is the New Currency”, Carol explains the importance of embracing flexibility in workforce planning, specifically by building an internal travel agency. While this article is succinct, Carol has a wealth of first-hand experience and knowledge in developing data-informed workforce strategies that bring success and drive results.

We are very proud of the work we are doing to transform workforce management. Feel free to reach out at info@prolucent.com if you have questions or if you are ready to start exploring a partnership with us.


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