The Future of Workforce Management is Here

Prolucent partners with some of the most innovative health systems in the country to help build and improve their flexible workforce solutions.

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“Partnering with Prolucent contributes to Northwell’s goal of providing clinical and operational excellence by helping us better integrate and utilize our flexible workforce options to meet the demands of a changing labor market, scale the use of contingent resources, and create sustainable labor cost savings,”
Northwell Health

The rise of the gig economy and an increasing demand for flexibility are reshaping healthcare staffing. How you choose to embrace it makes a difference.

Prolucent is the trusted market leader in building internal agencies and flexible workforce optimization. Unlike others, we bring a vendor and technology neutral approach to maximize existing investments, reduce overall workforce costs, and build on your success.

Our Solutions to Workforce Challenges!

Talent Digital Front Door
Expand your talent pipeline, attract and convert more qualified applicants, reduce time to fill, accelerate hiring, and supercharge the functionality of your Applicant Tracking System.

Market Console Advanced Data & Analytics
Gain actionable insights and competitive advantage using real-time data on market intelligence, employment trends, hiring activity, and key benchmarks at the local, regional and national levels.

Next Generation VMS+
Go beyond traditional VMS to modernize and streamline the management of your entire flexible workforce, contingent and internal flex pools with clear and comprehensive vendor management configurations, features, and workflows.

Concierge MSP Services
Fill jobs faster, reduce administrative burden, and reduce the use of contingent labor. Our vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) program is customized to fit your needs. We’ll help you negotiate and maintain optimal rates.

Industry Expertise & Consulting
Create sustainable cost-reduction strategies to support the evolution of your workforce with the help of our 200+ years of combined industry expertise in leadership and innovation at health systems, big and small.