A Game Changer for Managing Both Your Internal and External Flexible Workforce

Flexible Workforce Platform - VMS+


Over the years, Vendor Management Systems (VMS) have demonstrated their efficacy, by eliminating manual and disparate processes, offering organizations a streamlined approach to the oversight of external contract labor. Expanding upon this proven success and in direct response to the evolving dynamics of today’s healthcare workforce, the Prolucent team is leading a substantial evolution of VMS technology. Now named VMS+, this evolution empowers organizations in the comprehensive and streamlined management of their entire flexible workforce. Now organizations have access to sophisticated and modern tools that not only simplify the management of contract labor but also support building and managing internal flexible workforce initiatives such as internal agencies, gig employment models and flex pools, all on a single platform. 


Among game changing benefits are a reduction in workloads through highly configurable workflows, streamlined processes such as order approval, distribution, compliance, and onboarding. Dashboards enhance awareness, communication, and tracking, while robust tiered staffing models ensure the prioritization of internal resources before resorting to external sources. Automation of compliance tracking and enforcement with a full audit trail simplifies previously time-consuming tasks while real-time data and advanced analytics monitor utilization, facilitating data-informed decision-making.


With management of all flexible labor, external contract and internal flex, on a single platform there are many advantages.

  • A System-wide “source of truth” for the entire flexible workforce, uniting disparate processes and data to gain visibility across the enterprise.
  • Easy access to real-time data and advanced analytics on utilization, pay rates, time to fill, recruitment, and contingent labor costs to inform staffing decisions.
  • Optimized use of internal labor first with prioritized order distribution improving utilization of core talent while reducing reliance on contingent labor.
  • Centralized reporting for all flexible labor including real-time budgeting, cost/data analysis, and staff compliance.
  • Configuration options to automate and streamline day-to-day tasks – order creation, order approval and distribution, compliance, staff onboarding, and more.
  • A central hub to eliminate siloed data and fragmented processes through integration to existing core workforce technologies, eliminating costly disconnects, streamlining processing, and achieving a complete view of operations.
  • Scalability, to meet the demands of a changing labor market.

A comprehensive and centralized framework for managing all flexible labor consolidates disparate processes and data silos, streamlining operations and eliminating redundancies. This framework enhances oversight by providing access to unprecedented levels of information, fostering data driven decision-making, and enabling the implementation of best practices.


A well-structured, data rich, process-driven program offers the visibility and insights necessary to optimize the utilization of internal staff, concurrently ensuring that contingent labor is managed proactively as a strategic supplement to meet patient care demand. When supported by comprehensive VMS+ technology for managing both internal and external flexible resources, this framework facilitates data-informed business decisions aligned with operational goals. It also provides the agility to adapt to changes within the organization and the industry.

Getting from Here to There


Navigating the transition to a program that harnesses the capabilities of VMS+ and expands upon flexible workforce strategies tailored to meet staffing needs and reduce costs may vary for each organization. However, it doesn’t have to be hard. With our Managed Service Provider (MSP) program, we meet you at your current stage and offer decades of experience to assist you wherever needed.


 Prolucent is dedicated to aligning with the goals of the organizations we serve. We prioritize the development and utilization of internal talent, and our commitment to vendor neutrality ensures objectivity in finding the best, most cost-effective resources when contract labor is needed to meet staffing needs.

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