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Modernize the Candidate Experience.
Expand Your Reach to Attract the Talent You Need.

Expand your talent pipeline faster and accelerate hiring with the power of  LiquidCompass® Talent Engagement Marketplace.

Supercharge the functionality of your Application Tracking System (ATS) transforming it into a high-performing recruitment and talent engagement platform.

Working in concert with your  ATS, our proprietary wrap-around technology enhances your dedicated career site. This innovative jobs engine platform becomes the technical backbone for highly-effective recruitment.

Modernize the Candidate Experience

Use a custom-branded, best-in-class "Amazon-like" job search to create an easy path for applicants to express interest and stay engaged.

Improve Applicant Conversion

With AI-powered job title matching, requirements, locations, and other key attributes quickly and accurately connects jobseekers to the right job.

Fill Your
Talent Pipeline

Get 3-5x more qualified and motivated applicants leveraging automated and integrated multi-channel recruitment marketing. More effectively distribute job postings to current and new applicant sources to boost engagement.

Convert Past

Reconnect with candidates typically lost in the system through automated and campaign driven re-engagement that delivers highly- relevant opportunities to current and past applicants.

Simplify the Job Seeker Experience

Reduce application abandonment with a simple, custom Easy Apply that integrates with your full application process.

Expand Access to New Grads

Gain exposure to 300+ nursing schools, professional organizations, niche and programmatic affiliates. Expand applicant sourcing, compete for talent more efficiently, and fill jobs quicker. 

Stay Informed

Actively monitor all phases of the talent pipeline by applicant status with comprehensive reporting to target marketing spend, maintain a competitive edge, and convert more talent.

LiquidCompass®, our proprietary workforce management technology, is the engine to drive recruitment efforts, including automated recruitment marketing, workforce analytics tools, and an expansive real-time jobs marketplace with geo-location.

Supercharge Your Applicant Tracking System

Bi-directional integration enhances your current ATS to create a groundbreaking real-time and actionable marketplace for every position you recruit.

No Rip and Replace

Enhance pipeline visibility, provide a consistent candidate experience, and standardize analytics across the enterprise through thoughtful integration with your ATS.

Make It Easy
Expertly and actively engage applicants with the right jobs by replacing clunky ATS-provided job search with our modern, powerful search experience.

Communicate & Communicate Again
Maintain engagement and drive higher conversion rates with automated marketing and drip communication, coordinated with your ATS. Send timely touch points based on applicant status.

Highly-Qualified Candidates
Deliver highly relevant opportunities to all past and current applicants using the same job intelligence and AI matching.

Enhance Sourcing
Automate job distribution and integration to established and new 3rd-party sourcing partners, including job boards, search engines, social media platforms, programmatic providers, and other industry sites.

AI Technology
Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your talent acquisition resources. Normalize and categorize applicant and job posting data to match candidates to the correct functional categories in your ATS.

A Deeper Understanding
Invest your time, resources, and energy wisely through comprehensive real-time reporting and data-informed insights.

  • Initial source efficacy dashboard by title, categories, locations, and more
  • Real-time applicant data by job type and status
  • Hard-to-fill candidate notifications and reports
  • Extensive site visitor data and event tracking

Prolucent partners receive premium job promotion on the LiquidCompass.com healthcare jobs marketplace to 100s of affiliate sites, nursing schools, and other distribution partners.

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